Guaranteed Irish

Guaranteed IrishTM is a not-for-profit business membership organisation dedicated to championing business in Ireland. The distinctive Guaranteed Irish symbol helps to guide consumers and businesses to identify local products and services that epitomise #AllTogetherBetter choices for communities throughout the country.

Guaranteed IrishTM membership is exclusive to businesses that meet stringent criteria and granted to those that create “quality” jobs in Ireland, contribute to local communities and are “committed to Irish provenance”.

We are proud members of Guaranteed IrishTM since 2023 and committed to supporting local employment, Irish businesses and our communities.

We are avid supporters of providing flexible, local employment opportunities, and enjoy a strong network of Irish suppliers for all our IT, business and consulting needs.

In particular, our team of Irish-based expertly trained typing staff is passionate about delivering an internationally competitive transcription service that eliminates the need to send your work abroad. That means, when you choose Transcribe:

  • your information remains in Ireland, not an offshore server
  • your data is subject to robust safeguarding measures, which is critical to business security and compliance with GDPR
  • your Irish-based team is available to support you in your time zone, and
  • you contribute to the creation of Irish jobs and local business growth.
You can find out more about Guaranteed IrishTM here.

We host robust security systems

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