Medical Transcription

TranScribe specialises in easing the burden of medical administration in Ireland, transcribing medical reports, opinions and correspondence with ease.

Our specially trained team of medical typists have in-depth knowledge of medical and health care terminology which enhances the accuracy and efficient delivery of your dictation while also improving your workflows and the turnaround time on your communication.

TranScribe understands how important privacy is to you and operates with the highest degree of confidentiality and data security to ensure your patients’ personal and sensitive data is safeguarded at all times. We have been trusted by medical professionals throughout Ireland since 2008 for a medical transcription service that is easy-to-use, cost effective and reliable, where there is always a team member at the end of the phone to answer your queries and transcribe your file.

How it works

Our experienced team makes it easy for consultants, GPs, nurses and other medical professionals to use TranScribe’s medical transcription service.

Using either our custom mobile app or your own device, simply record your dictation and send to our Secure Service Centre where our trained medical typists will convert your audio to text. Call us now to get started.

We host robust security systems

To find out more about our data security measures and how we help protect your data, please call us now.

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